Friday, October 8, 2010

Ber Months

Its the beginning of October. Its the start of what is known as the Ber-months - months that end with -ber: October, November, December. For some reason people think of the Ber-months as starting in October rather than September. I think its because the weather change. Its starting to get a bit cooler. The pool water is not hot anymore and gets cold actually.

Its also the end of the rainy season. We had a few big downpour last week but you can tell the rain is on its last legs. Last year there was even a few typhoons up to the end of October. They tell me its unusual and that this year is less rain than normal and last year it was more rain than normal. The schizophrenic weather somehow is poetic to me.

The weather is going to be very nice from now on - cool, dry. If you go to any place with green open spaces, crowds are everywhere. People like sitting outside watching people. But there is a very very lack of public and open spaces. I had a beer in a strip mall with open spaces in lower-middle-income level neighbourhood and the prices there was as high as the high-end places. Progress.

Events outside are typically well attended. Some of these events are even black-tie and the women dressed to the hilt and live symphony. Its quite a spectacle.

The downside is that traffic can be counted on to be bad most evening. Its so pleasant, why go home? Well, the traffic for one thing. If I have to go out, I try to get there early to avoid it. I love the morning when there is no traffic. I wake up as early as 5am when its still dark go to a Park and get some exercise.

If only my work is not bothering me so much, I can really enjoy myself. At least its a busy social season. I seem to have to attend a lot of events and have dinners with people.