Sunday, January 17, 2010

Strawberry, Blueberries and Avocados

I knew I had to work most of the weekend, so I needed to get a number of things out of the way quickly especially to stock up my fridge which is nearly empty.

So on Saturday, my first stop was the Salcedo Village Market. I spoke about this place before. Its basically a high-end open-air market much like farmers markets in US or Europe. The reason I come here is because you can get Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese food. But they do sell some very very good quality vegetables. One of the find this weekend was BLUEBERRIES - locally grown. Its kind of small but sour but its really cheap P800/kg for those who know, is amazing especially in South East Asian countries.

Salcedo Village Saturday Market:
Market in the Park

My next Stop is the Farmer's Market at Cubao. I come here for the seafood primarily but sometimes the fruits are pretty good deal for example, right now the strawberries are going for P45/250g.

Baguio Strawberrys

The other is Avocados which is also in season. Its very hard to find perfectly ripe avocados in Singapore and Malaysia. Someone taught me to slice up avocados and eat it with wasabi and light-soy.

Mga Abokado - Avocados

Vegetables and food in general are not cheap in Manila, its much cheaper out in the provinces. But sometimes there are some fantastic surprises including really high quality ones like these that make living here such a great experience.

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