Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Summer in the City

I mentioned it was hot and hence hankering for either the beach or the mountain. One of my friend updated me that he thought the temperature hit 40.5 deg C.  So I decided to check it. The papers said that it hit 36deg C last Sunday - no wonder it was still hot up in the hills of Antipolo. Yesterday it hit 36.5deg C

According to weather report most days the temperature is around 35deg C most days. But during the night, it falls to as low as 24deg C. It literally dessert weather we are looking at here. There is no cloud in the sky during the afternoon. There are some during the early morning.  This is El Nino year which means this is as hot as it gets here.  When and if the rain comes, the temperature should be better.

Nevertheless, the humidity is not very high so its actually not that bad. It kind of remind me of when I was in Arizona visiting my younger sister when she first entered college.

Its suppose to hit new records again this weekend. Just makes you want to go to the beach (or the mountain) but the nice beaches are at least a few hours away and can't do a day trip.  Any small nice beaches nearby is owned by an expensive resort or gated-development.  There is a bit of beach reclamation work being done as part of  the Coastal Highway project - I think if it gets done decently right - it will help tourism in this country. Seriously which self-respecting European and Aussie don't want to head to good beach in this weather and then party all night in Makati, Ortigas and Malate later?

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