Saturday, June 5, 2010


I think the raining season officially started this week. Philippine basically has 3 season (cool, summer and wet) and this is the third one. On Wednesday it poured really hard. Should have expected it since last week the humidity was really high. Its the first sign of rain coming.

Traditionally in the rural areas it means that the planting season has begun. Passing through the provinces a week before its no wonder I saw people preparing their fields. You can see padi-fields just an hour out of the city as Manila is situated in traditionally one of the most fertile volcanic plain the world.  It also marks the end of the major vacation period and children going back to schools.

The tourist spots are starting to clear out too.  If you want bargain on the most popular places, its time to shop but its not as much fun as during the peak season of Feb-May when there are parties everywhere. Its one of the problem of developing tourism here. We were at very nice place called Anvaya Cove two hours from here and it was a great place with a nice little beach, lush greenery surounded by high hills but there were only a few rooms. I was told because of the seasonal nature of the business, its really hard to make money.

When it rains here it can really pour and the winds can get scary with typhoon later on in the year. Right now most of the time the rain is just moderate and cloudy most of the time. The temperature is way-off from the last couple of month but there is some humidity. But when its cloudy and with light wind, its actually very nice. I don't mind light rain (I just do laundry more frequently) when I am not working. Its sort of therapeutic - like heaven washing away our little worries.

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