Monday, January 3, 2011

Diving in the Philippines

A number of my friends when diving over the hollidays and I regretted not doing it myself. Dives can be inexpensive here in places that are easy to reach and popular. An introduction dive which consist of lessons in a pool or shallow waters followed by one or two dive with the instructor will cost you P2,500. If you are already certified, each dive can be as cheap as P500 inclusive equipment. Getting certified will cost you P15,000 for a few of days lessons and diving - well worth it compared to an expensive health spa vacation, golf lesson, ski lessons vacation that cost even more.

Obviously Philippine is highly competitive as far as diving vacation is concern. But the problem is that its not really mainstream vacation plan. Actually most people don't know how to even swim (36% in US, 54% in the world). Although you don't have to know how to swim to dive, in the minds of people, they shy away if they don't swim well - that is most people even in developed countries.

If you look at the cost of diving, the product is not that different than skiing. But whereas skiing is a olympic and professional sports with lots of glamour, diving is recreational or for professional vocation. So the main reason why diving is not a bigger industry is simply because it lacks marketing angle to it. You can put skiing on a sports channel and make a movie about it, they only put diving on discovery channel. There are snow bunnies, no dive bunnies. Although you know, making a reality show out of diving is not out of the question...Hmmm wonder if I can interest Oprah with it?

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