Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beach Weather

The weather has been hot since the early part of February. I have mentioned that it feels a lot like Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia but its actually not as hot and it last a lot longer. Its also dry, not very humid so it feel hot under the sun but in the shades, its actually pretty OK. Sometimes it gets windy and especially at night, its actually very pleasant.

I was at an event last week and there was this old telescope that was pointing to the hills at the north-east side of the city and when I peered into it, the hills were all brown. I remembered then its El Nino effect this year and then it struck me how much it looked like my brother's old house in Castro Valley, California.

I started hankering for the pool and the first chance I got I jumped into the pool, It then struck me, ITS PERFECT BEACH WEATHER. I started remembering Spring Break in Florida, California summers, Barbeques, wine coolers, beach volleyballs, ultimate frisbee, etc. This is the perfect time to come to the Philippines for the beach if you like those hot sunny weather that is not humid. Europeans go all the way to Spain and Greece for this weather. Japanese go to Hawaii and Maui in droves for this.

Unfortunately, there is no hollidays around this time of the year here and I work most weekends. I did manage to catch a good deal of pool time this weekend. But I am still dreaming of barbeques, wine coolers and tanned bikini bodies..

Philippines 1969, Baloy Beach (Subic Bay) 003b

White Sands of Boracay

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