Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going into September

This week, I suddenly realized that days was getting darker earlier and its US labour day weekend meaning the end of summer there.

Its actually kind of strange because we are still in the middle of the rainy season here so you don't think of a change in season. It does not end typically until October sometimes even way into. As I wrote before, the rain has not been anywhere close to what it was last year. There have only been one big storm in July and nothing since. The weather has been fantastic and I regret not getting out more. When its like these, coming to Philippine to vacation is really a good idea because the hotels are cheaper and the weather is just perfectly fine if you are not too fuzzy about a bit of rain in the evening and night. (Have you ever tried chilling out on a verandah/balcony with your girl while it rains outside? Trust me guys, its a really good idea.)

You actually can feel the air getting drier not that its ever really as humid as you get in Singapore/KL. So its really good weather if it does not rain. Its really like fall in Florida when there is no hurricane which don't happen often now these days it seems.

I think I will head out to the Esplanade/Manila Bay area again this weekend, maybe get a book to read and just chill out.

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