Monday, February 1, 2010

Hunan Restaurant - TopSpice

Most Pinoy will eat some spicy food but unlike most South East Asian, they don't love it. Lets admit it, some of us even fall ill if we go for a long time without chilli. I have a good friend here who worked in Bangkok for a number of years and also lived in Singapore and his appetite for spicy is comparable to most of us. So he is on the hunt for spicy food in this town like I am.

Last Friday, he took me to an authentic Hunan restaurant. Its officially called Top Spice but many known it as Hunan Lutong Bahay. It is so reminiscent of those small family restaurants of new-villages in Old Klang Road, Jinjang, Chan Sow Lin in Malaysia or in small alleys and Hutongs in China cities. Bare furniture, no painting or decor, plates, bowls and cups are basic. There is not even a sign ourside that says its a restaurant. The menu is actually written in Chinese and the owner actually speak in Chinese only. You order from the Pinoy waitress using pictures..

The food was incredibly authentic. Spicy, oily, fragrant, hot, steaming, smoky. You know what I mean - Mapo Tofu, Spicy Beef, Smoked Duck.

The funny thing about this place is I had expected the place to be filled with Chinamen but there was only a couple when I ate here. The rest were ALL pinoys. So maybe there are more than a few Pinoys who like spicy food and there is hope yet..

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