Monday, February 1, 2010

Teriyaki Boy's Ramen

Last weekend, after a long day of conference, events and catching up on errands I was in the mood for Japanese but did not want to drive all the way to Little Tokyo in Makati where you get great Japanese food for really really low prices. So I headed over to Teriyaki Boy - its a mid-price Japanese chain here not one of the many cheap fast food joints you find around.

I really had low expectation and my initial idea was to order a bento box and be done with as I still had a lot to do. Unfortunately they had run out of the bento box I wanted so I settled on a bowl of Ramen and some fried Tofu. I was pleasantly surprised by the Ramen, not because it tasted like good Japanese Ramen but because it tasted like Hong Kong's wantan noodle - it was springy, thin, and tasty.

011 | late night gyoza ramen for the brokenhearted

Wantan soup noodles @ Mak’s Noodles

My only complain, the bowl of Ramen cost almost as much as the bowl of wanton noodle in HONG KONG!!

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