Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of the things I have enjoyed since I got here is the weather. From Nov-January its very cool like in Hawaii so I called it the Hawaii period. Pinoys call it the 'Ber' months but it really last through January. There is not much rain, not humid unlike in Singapore, KL and Jakarta so being outdoors is just fantastic.

Its February now and you can start to feel the weather getting hot. Its still cool late at night but the morning heats up quickly and you can feel hot air in day especially the late afternoon. The weather is like.. Chinese New Year in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malaysia and Singapore, for some reason, it can rain like cats & dogs for days leading up to Chinese New Year and even after, but on Chinese New Year day and a few days after, you can almost guarantee that it will not rain and will be hot. In all my life, albeit I have only spend less than half of it in Malaysia and Singapore, I can only recall 1 year that it rained on Chinese New Year day. I have paid attention to this fact since I was a small boy because when my parents first said it to me as a young boy, the highly western educated greenhorn that I was called my parents superstitious and ignorant. My father even bet me. So I paid attention and as you grow up and learn the wisdom of your parents, these facts sort of stays with you how wrong you are. Even a couple of years ago when people started talking of climate change and it was raining like crazy, the rain stopped on Chinese New Year day.

Anyway, the weather is changing to like that. Not surprising given Chinese New Year is around the corners.

I miss the Hawaiian weather. But its time to take out the swimming trunks and Barbecue..

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