Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gems of Legazpi Sunday Market

As promised I would blog about the Sunday Market at Legazpi Village in Makati. Its actually located on the corner of Legazpi St. and V.A. Rufino St.

As I said before, its one of two Weekend Open air market in the Makati area. The bigger one is Salcedo Village Saturday Market. There are significant overlaps of the two markets i.e., many of the stalls are also available in both days but not entirely. If you been one, its still worth it to visit the other.

In Legazpi market I found a number of real gems. Firstly they have a big organic section with a wide variety of offerings. I tried some cakes and bread and they were quite good.

The real gem that I found was an Indonesian offering. You get Goreng Ayam, Gado-Gado, Kari Ayam, Rendang, Satay. But the best offering is the authentic Sambal Matah that was available either with boiled egg or eggplant. Those who have tasted the Indonesia fresh sambal most popular in Bali knows how different it is from Malaysian or Singapore sambal. It uses a version of shrimp paste called terasi but includes ingredients like lemongras, lime, shallots and also coconut oil. Its bright red in color and taste very fresh and natural. Its good with just about anything including just simple vegetables and eggs. I love it with simple Nasi Goreng or Mee Goreng. In Indonesia, I ate it with simple Bakso (or chicken noodle soup) or as a bread spread which the Indonesian find strange. In this city where spicy food is not anywhere, its really a good find.

There are other good finds in Legazpi Sunday Market including decent Spanish, Middle East, Italian, Malaysian, as well as offerings from different provinces here.

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