Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love markets all sorts of markets. From esoteric derivatives, rare collectibles and intellectual properties to your basic neigbourhood wet markets, night-markets and flea markets. Wherever I go, I try to visit wet markets as part of my intinery when I can.

The origin of my love of market is the love of commerce and money that was infused since young by my basic-money-grubbing Chinese business family. But now it has become something else.

I think I love markets now because all day and week, I wreck my head to come up with ideas and plans for businesses that going back to these markets is sort of going back to basics, to go back to the basic idea of commerce and trade. Especially when I am lost or losing faith that I will find the next great idea or solve the toughest problem, going back to these places help you see how markets and business not only survives but you will notice how enterprise itself does not end. You will notice how fish-monger or the vegetable seller will sell a new item. You will notice how a new store will appear once in a while. You will even notice how the traders change their business to adapt to times.

Even if I don't get anything valuable in what I do, its stress relieve especially for a food-lover like myself. A fresh fish at a good price is something to look forward to that night. Seasonal fruits that I like gives something to look forward to that week. Then there is some of best food to eat without paying for restaurant prices - whether is just a good loaf of fresh bread, freshly roasted pork, nasi lemak with all the topping, its really all the good things in life..

I have visited many markets all over the world. While in school in Philadephia and even when I visit my brother there now, we always start weekend mornings at the Redding market before heading to Chinatown. Canal Street was first stop every weekend while in New York. In Spain, the open market of Sevilla is something to look forward to. In Italy and France there are markets everywhere with some of the best cheese, breads, pasta, vegetables, delis, jams etc. You go to Australia in any major city, the produce is worth visiting the local markets. In Japan, the Tsukiji market is a real sight to behold with the fresh fishes that comes in everyday but the best breakfast and frankly the best meal is available next door.

Anyway back to Philippines, I have visited
1) Farmers Market in Cubao
2) Salcedo Village Saturday market
3) Legaspi Village Sunday market
4) Public Market in Malate

I will be talking more about these places in future..

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