Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steaks and Beef

I have to confess to the growing population of vegans that I keep meeting these days that I get craving for Beef once in a while. I would not call myself a Red Meat lover (do anyone still say that in these politically correct time?) but having worked in some of the places that produce great beef like in Texas, Osaka Japan, France and great restaurant places like in Chicago and New York, you learn to appreciate good beef. I like good steaks, burgers, roast beef, grilled beef slices, beef Bolgogi, beef noodles, beef stirred fried with brocolli or celery, beef slices with hot pot or shabu-shabu.

One of the things I gripe about in Singapore and Malaysia is a lack of affordable good beef. In Singapore, the beef noodle taste good but its all about the sauce and beef really is not of good quality. In Malaysia, it seems like there are Buddhist/Vegan everywhere who don't eat beef and few restaurants offer them. I do the Imbi Road Hor Fun every so often but that is treated and flavoured beef. The natural taste of good beef is really something unique. Its available at places like Morton's of Chicago at Suntec or other higher end restaurants but you pay a bomb!

Here in Manila, you can really get good beef at affordable price. If you are a steak lover or looking for a good burger (i.e., made from good cuts and not mass produced patties) or other simple beef dishes, Manila is a great place to be. Even the fast food Chinese restaurants serve up pretty OK beef. You have to try Beef Caldereta - a Spanish stew that is just delicious.

Yesterday I ate at Mamou at Fort Bonifacio. Having tasted steaks from great places all over the world, I have to declare that Mamou does not dissapoint. I have not had a real steak for a while and decided since the weather was fantastic and the pretty girls were out in full force, to enjoy a good steak in this, what I can only describe as 'simply charming', place while I watch the girls go by.

Some may not understand the enjoyment of this experience. If you don't appreciate Morton's of Chicago, Smith & Wollinsky or Peter Lugar in New York, you won't understand what I mean. My Mid-West and Japanese friends understand what I mean. The best pleasures in life are the simple ones and this is one of them. When the steak is done just right (medium rare - there is no other way to have a steak) and a glass of wine (the French and Spaniards taught me this), the taste is just simply like nothing else. No other meat taste like this done in such simple way. Its basically the same state of mind as appreciating sashimi or steamed fish. The simple rich natural taste made by nature (/god if you are religious).

I also like the portion which is just nice. Not too big, not small. Just right. The tendencies of most restaurants in Singapore is to serve up American size portion which is really too big for me these days. Its about the taste, not the filling of the stomach.

Now if only I can find Beef Noodle Ying-Yong done Malaysian style. (For explanation, keep tuning in), life will be perfect.

Plaza Serendra
Bonifacio Global City

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