Sunday, November 22, 2009


There are some of us who are noodle soup fans whether its wanton noodle, fish (including fish head and fish-ball) noodles, Japanese Ramen. Its why we take to instant noodles like no where else on earth. Here in Manila, its not that you can't find them, you just can't find them conveniently - at least not in a good enough quality in a lower price range. And its impossible in the early morning. Sometimes, you just want a bowl of noodles for breakfast.

Well, I found it this weekend at Legaszpi Village Sunday Market. I had only previously briefly visited the market after going to bigger Saturday Salcedo Village Market which I have been frequenting for the last few weeks. It had not looked different and smaller.

This weekend since my Saturday was shot because of events, I decided to spend my Sunday here. To my surprise it yielded a number of gems the big one being getting good wanton noodle on a Sunday Morning..

The place is called Your Daily DimSum and it did not attract me in my previous quick walk-through because you can get Dim Sum everywhere here even really early in the morning. Again, no decent noodle soup before 10am, attracted me. So for 120 Peso, I digged in what is pretty decent soup with acceptable noodle quality. The wanton was whole shrimp which impressed me. The noodle quality is what you would find in Malaysia in most places - on the soft side not like in Hong Kong which is has more 'spring' in it. But the best is the soup, very light on the MSG, quality soup like in decent places in Hong Kong and US Chinatowns - not the MSG-filled ones you get in Singapore and Malaysia hawkers. So value wise, it was a good buy. I definitely recommend it over most places here. Oh, the dimsum was good too - not the low quality ingredient type - pretty much restaurant quality.

There are other great finds in Legazpi Market but I will talk about it later...

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