Friday, November 13, 2009

Talent II - Julia Roman Abueva

I talked about talent before and while I am not a fan of broadway music, I thought such global talent deserve mention. Her name is Julia Roman Abueva.

She actually is already famous, having being featured prominently by Oprah Winfrey Smartest and Talented Kids episode, sang in ASEAN games in Manila and have over a 100 major performance under her by age 13. She is now based in Singapore with regular gigs to the hoity-poity crowd (you know LKY, Annie at the Esplanade etc) and will be singing at the APEC for Obama this week. She is also actually the descendent of TWO Philippine President (wonder if LKY thought about his elitist genetic theory when he watched her performed!)

Actually there are a lot of talent like this that I am coming across. Names like Aria Clemente, Mark Mejia, Sam Concepcion, AJ Rafael, Albert Posis, Catherine Loria, Josephine Banig Roberto, Sarah Geronimo, Jessica Sanchez, Lica De Guzman.

ALL Of them deserve to be on the world stage and I pray they all get the chance...

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