Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawaiian weather

I woke up this morning, like many weekend, just put a pair of shorts and t-shirt to go jogging, stepped out only to rush back in to grab a jacket. It was actually pretty cold!! It felt more like a California morning..

OK. so its been a long time since the days I consulted in Ottawa Canada in February and my school days in Boston but still, I have never experience this kind of cold since I came back to tropical weather. I have been in Singapore and Malaysia more than 12 years now..

One of the least known thing about Philippine is the weather.  People who have never visited here think that just like other South East Asia country, its rain and heat.  Most people have been in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and even Indonesia gets some attention because of Bali and foreign businessmen  in Jakarta. So many people think they know what its like in Manila.

The truth is the only comparison of Philippine is Vietnam weather and even then, its only the coastal area that is close to what Philippine is.  You see while Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Indonesia experience hot weather, Philippine experience a lot of rain so its not as hot.  During the rainy months in Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Indonesia, it does not rain as much here and in fact the weather is perfect for every imaginable outdoor activities. Essentially between Nov-Feb, its like Hawaii here.. I call it the Hawaiian period..  (Maybe that is why you see so many Hawaii loving Japanese and Koreans around !) Its one of the least marketed thing about the Philippine, the weather is perfect, it does not rain much - perfect golfing weather and just about every imaginable kind of out door activities. And its not humid.. Its actually kind of dry and you need to drink more water..

Those who love golf and dream of Hawaiian vacation they can't afford it, Philippine is the perfect alternative. At this time of the year, there is nothing better than to play around of golf in the day, go to the beach or have a picnic afterwards and then hang out at a cafe or outdoor bar and watch the sun go down.

Of course there are other things to do here besides golf and I will talk about it more soon.  I am missing a lot of hot looking girls walking by the bar I am hanging out in go by.. My favourite outdoor activity!!.

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